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Cooling Towers

Check your equipment

View the analysis of your equipment's water on screen in a clear, easy-to-read report and compare it to historical results. Or print the report for a paper copy. 

Receive email notification

WaterAccess can email you when new analysis reports are available online.

Connect anytime, anywhere

WaterAccess is a Web-based service similar to online banking, so there is no software to install. All you need is a Web browser and an Internet connection.

Get everyone involved

WaterAccess supports everyone involved in maintenance, not just the engineers. Add as many additional people as you want, all with separate names and passwords.

One-click access to all the

history of all your equipment

right from the report page.

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WaterAccess™ is a Web-based system developed by P/PM Services for managing your water-treatment program. Now you can get the same comprehensive reporting you have come to trust without waiting for paper reports in the mail.

  • Low condensate pH will cause corrosion in condensate lines
  • High conductivity may indicate silica scaling
  • Hard makeup will cause scaling
  • Low sulfite may mean the product is low and can permit oxygen pitting

Closed Loops

  • Low pH will cause corrosion
  • High copper or iron may indicate corrosion
  • Low nitrite or tolyltriazole (TTA) may mean the product is low

Technical Information

WaterAccess works with any modern browser that supports cookies and Javascript, such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. A high-speed Internet connection and at least 800x600 screen resolution are recommended. To secure your data, WaterAccess uses password protection and strong 128-bit SSL encryption.

  • Low pH will cause corrosion
  • High cycles will increase the risk of scale
  • Low cycles may mean there is too much bleed
  • Low phosphonate may mean the product is low